Thursday, September 19, 2013

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

We have been discussing the many ways to add and subtract.  The first thing your child needs to do when reading a problem is to know whether they are solving a comparing (addition), separating (subtraction of some went away), or comparing (subtraction of finding the bigger, smaller, and difference).

After your child know whether they are comparing, combining, or separating then the solving begins!!

Please practice these strategies at home!

There are many ways to add.

Traditional way -  this may involve regrouping numbers:

Number line - by jumping the hundreds, the tens, and the ones:

Partial Sums - The numbers can be broken a part by their place value and then added:

Adding one number in parts - One number can be broken in parts and then added:

There are many ways to subtract:

Traditional way - this may involve regrouping numbers

Number line - by subtracting on the number line by jumping the hundreds, tens, and ones.  This could be done in several ways so see the pictures below.

Partial Differences - the numbers are broken into parts by their place value

Subtracting one number in parts - one number is broken in parts and then subtracted with the other number

Videos made by Mrs. Jones also explains our strategies

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